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Alex M., Fairfield, CT

"The best company that I worked with,Tim Braca was the technician that removed my old oil furnace and installed all the pipes and the new gas furnace. Tim Braca was very knowledgeable and professional and did an excellent job and had the most competitive price out of 5 bids.  I would highly recommend COBRA Heating & Cooling LLC!!  Thank You Tim!!"

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Ray K., Milford, CT

I called Cobra Heating & Cooling, LLC about a heating problem I was having with my furnace. Tim showed up at my house that same day and got my furnace back online but also sat down with me and explained to me the future of my heating unit. He was very knowledgeable and professional and sold me a furnace and A/C system at a fair price and as it turns out did a very professional job. I would recommend Cobra Heating and Cooling, LLC to my family members and to anyone else.  Tim is a good person." 

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Mike H., Norwalk, CT

"Tim Braca from Cobra Heating & Cooling, LLC was referred to me by a neighbor.  Big WIN! Tim is knowledgeable, helpful, professional, personable and I'll reiterate helpful! Tim helped us out in a bind when our heating wasn't working and got us back up and running.  Not only did he fix the furnace, but he told me what he was doing and kept me informed.  I highly recommend Cobra Heating & Cooling, LLC. Tim knows his stuff and is more than willing to share his knowledge."

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Gale T., Shelton, CT

"Cobra Heating & Cooling, LLC is an excellent company to work with! I highly recommend this company.  Tim Braca is very knowledgeable, dependable, and takes pride in his company and work very seriously. He came to our house in an emergency situation when we were in desperate need because of a pipe that burst and destroyed our heating system.  He worked days and nights with countless hours to make sure that our job was done and we were completely satisfied.  He went above and beyond and even brought us portable heaters so we were kept warm. He is a very personable, trusting and a genuine person, which is very hard to find these days. After the job was completed, he followed up with us to see if we were satisfied with the system and the work that he ad done.  Because of this job we found an excellent company that I would recommend to anyone and everybody but also made a friend which is like family to us now.  Thank you Tim Braca!"